Rubles rumbling over gas payments-March 31, 2022

Years ago, Russia was desperate for its energy exports to be paid for in US dollars. Now, with the invasion of Ukraine, and sanctions being imposed by many western countries, Russia has demanded payments in Rubles-whose value has plummeted-from April 1:

However, this is not a flat ultimatum, as the gas link between Russia and the EU is both direct (pipeline) and not transferable.

It may also raise EU countries’ search for alternative supplies, so Russia could lose out; EU countries have a commitment to wean from Russian gas supplies by 2024:

So, much power sits on both sides on the gas trade, and the EU may have the upper hand:

Countries would need to open Ruble accounts, from April 1, and if no payments are made in Rubles, it will be deemed a breach of contract and default:

It’s a kind of brinkmanship, with the threat of default looming, perhaps:

But, the Ruble is being helped by Russia’s central bank:

A lot of dust has to settle, or maybe, we need to see the rubble subside, as the Ruble slide ends, at least, for the moment. 🙂


Penalty? It’s fixed!-March 30, 2022

Field penalties will be issued by the Metropolitan Police, for parties in Downing Street, after a clear “lack of leadership”:

Admitting the truth is proving hard for the politician:

But, the PM was uncertainly certain that he was not aware of what almost everyone else knew:

Now, the joke is up, and it’s on Boris?

Will Smith has apologized but the wider arguments aren’t done-March 29, 2022

World media got more post-Oscar headlines before yesterday was done:

But, critics of Smith’s actions are circling:

Cynics will wonder about the whole thing:

But it’s comic fodder, too:

Rocking with Will Smith: the Oscar slap heard around the world-March 28, 2022

I don’t watch the Oscars. As I explained to my wife, last night, the results are known, so we are being ‘treated’ to the reveal. She wanted to equate watching the TV show to a football match. How so? The outcome of live sports is not pre-determined; spectators are watching the results unfold. End of.

Anyway, I proceeded to get my sleep in, after a long day out helping on a golf course. But, I was woken by her excited shrieks: « You missed the drama! Will Smith punched Chris Rock. » What? I went back to sleep, ahead of midnight.

I’ve caught up on much of the coverage since the event, and share some of that. For my part, I can’t see anything right with Smith’s actions, especially as he was caught on camera laughing first, while his wife was stony-faced, so his ‘ire’ was pricked later. Lost the plot. The moment was not for him to wade onto the stage for the slight. I won’t go into the possibility that the ‘attack’ was staged; it has the hallmarks of that.

The first video has profanity, so watch with due care:

They have history of exchanging barbs.

Cartoonists’ take-March 27, 2022

Just a few glimpses of how the world was seen by the penmanship of cartoonists.

Earth Hour 2022-March 26, 2022

COVID update and other health sector news-March 25, 2022

The Ministry of Health and Wellness held a COVID update on March 24:

COVID trends continue to improve, with lower numbers of infections and deaths. The message continues to get vaccinated and exercise distancing and hygiene protocols:

Handover of medical equipment from the Republic of Korea:

Medical equipment was also received from Canada, recently:

Royal visitors got a tour of Spanish Town Hospital, earlier in the week:

Nursing staff were glad to get such high-profile visitors:

However, rumblings have been heard about how ‘lower level’ staff were shunned during the visit:

A month of war in Ukraine (February 24-March 24)-March 24, 2022

Time has passed fast!

Royal visit to Jamaica-March 23, 2022

Royals are touring the Caribbean: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate) are visiting Belize, Jamaica, and The Bahamas in March.

From local and international media coverage, they are getting plenty of local public support:

Protesters were few, whether described as “dozens” or “scores”, that’s a far cry from ‘hundreds’ or ‘thousnads’:

Open letter had been sent earlier in the week by the ‘Advocates Network’, with 100 signatories and 60 reasons to no support the visit:

It caught the attention of media, locally and internationally:

Some local ‘personalities’ wanted to get in on the act, but, in a manner of speaking, were left marooned:

But, the real ‘royalty’ was local footballers and athletes who came to see and assist the Royals:

Rasta drumming may be a new parlour activity back at Windsor Castle, as The Queen gets to share highlights of her grandson’s visit:

The current visit will be followed by another Royal couple going fruitier south, in April.

Fêla Kuti and I were next door neighbours in the 1960s (The Heritage & Black History office has been busy…)-March 22, 2022

It pays to read a bit of the stuff that rolls through your timeline. I subscribe to the blog from the Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries because I used the library in Shepherd’s Bush much of my primary school days in London; it was 5 minutes walk from school, and safe space before going home, with 2 parents working.

So, as I trawled through the latest edition, I noted its guide to walking tours. Some of the points on the map looked interesting, so I looked more carefully. Wow! Fêla Kuti lived at 12 Stanlake Road, W12, from the late-1950s into the early-1960s (see tour #4); I lived at number 10. I can’t swear that I ever met Fela, but there’s a good chance we crossed on one of the many days I walked that street. I am, therefore, claiming him as a boyhood influence. I enjoyed his music as I was growing up and it would have been great to realise his connection, along with the many other well-known music icons for whom Shepherd’s Bush is famous, such as The Who and its famous venue, The Empire. Shepherd’s Bush was named ‘Centre of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the UK.

Fela is famous for creating ‘Afrobeat’ and being at the forefront of jazz-funk music that dominated the 1970s:

I grew up in the late-1960s and early-1970s listening to and enjoying those sounds, and still do.

Celebrating Hammersmith and Fulham Link to Full Size image The Heritage & Black History office have created lots of material to help you learn about …

The Heritage & Black History office has been busy…
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