Overturning Roe v Wade-June 25, 2022


Tories get more than a bloody nose in by-elections-June 24, 2022

Tory ministers and supporters woke to hear their party had lost two by-elections overnight. One, Tiverton and Honiton, saw a 24,000 Tory majority overturned by the Lib-Dems-the biggest ever loss for the party, in a seat held by the Tories for over 100 years!

Labour took back party of its former ‘red wall’ by winning a Wakefield, Yorkshire, seat:

Quickly, in the wake of this, the party chairman, Oliver Dowden, resigned. He tells Boris Johnson: “Our supporters are distressed and disappointed by recent events, and I share their feelings”.

He was not available for interviews about the elections and the party was struggling to field anyone for breakfast TV interviews.

Meanwhile, in Kigali, Rwanda, PM Johnson is putting on the brave face, carrying on regardless:

Early indications are Tory voters fled from Johnson, rather than running towards Labour, so a general election win may still be a long shot.

January 6th Committee Hearings-Misusing the justice system-June 23, 2022

Strike day on Summer Solstice-June 21, 2022

French parliamentary elections 2022-June 20, 2022

France’s government is now stuck with a stalemate, after elections on Sunday, June 19, as the legislature is now a majority of parties different than the president, after Macron gained victory in April.

Crypto meltdown?-June 19, 2022

The week began badly for cryptocurrency assets:

Markets have history as a guide:

Is cryptocurrency a Ponzi scheme?

The week ended worse:

Constitutional Court Rules Parts of 2018 Emergency Powers Regulations Unconstitutional: Roshaine Clarke v A.G. Judgment-June 18, 2022

This morning (June 17, 2022), the Constitutional Court handed down its judgment in the matter of Roshaine Clarke v Attorney General of Jamaica, a …

Constitutional Court Rules Parts of 2018 Emergency Powers Regulations Unconstitutional: Roshaine Clarke v A.G. Judgment

For more context, the Attorney General responded to the ruling:

Heatwave in Europe-June 17, 2022

It was sweltering in London, in the 90F/30C range, till evening.

It’s been building up all week, with temperatures above 40C/105F:

Pence got a (presidential) pounding-June 16, 2022

Goodbye (support for), Internet Explorer-June 15, 2022

It may not be anyone’s favourite browser now, but many knew nothing else than Internet Explorer for many years. But, from today, Microsoft will no longer offer support for the software:

I was initially a user of Netscape, as the forerunner of web browsers, but moved to Internet Explorer once it because integrated with Microsoft applications, especially the Windows suite, which was a feature of the hardware I had to use for work. I used the open-source Mozilla (later Firefox) for a long time, before gravitating to Safari (the browser associated with Apple’s operating systems, MacOS) with the increased personal/home use of Apple devices, and Google Chrome (which works well with MacOS), as an alternative. Microsoft stopped offering Explorer for Apple/Macintosh in the early-2000s. Not surprisingly, for a long-time Apple products user, I steer away from Microsoft software, so rarely use the successor to Explorer, Microsoft Edge, unless forced to.

Most browsers are stable, so it often comes down to ‘feel’ and look and ease of adjustment. Some browsers don’t work well with some institutional set-ups, which can be a modern bane to productivity.

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