Respect due, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: GOAT in 100 metres-July 19, 2022

Say it: ‘5 times 100 metres world champion’: that’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce:

The Jamaican women swept, again, as in last year’s Olympics. Hail, too, Shericka Jackson, running 10.73 for 2nd, and Elaine Thompson-Herah 10.81 for 3rd. Having an amazing crop and of the current best sprinters is a wonderful blessing.

Shelly-Ann hit her 2022 peak again in the event, aged 35, running 10.67 seconds, for a championship record, and for the 3rd time this season. She’s just off her personal best/then-national record 10.60 seconds, run in 2021. But, she’s now run under 10.7 5 times in the past 18 months!

Most of the narrative is well-known to Jamaicans. She’s taken time off to give birth, and suffering injuries:

She has a successful hair business, now a decade-old, which she promotes, happily on the track:

Her flowing wigs are a joy to see and trademark to her spirit.


It ain’t half hot, Mum! UK heatwave-July 18, 2022

It’s official! Red alerts have been issued, in the UK, for the first time.

The UK is now catching fire, like much of mainland Europe:

Many aspects of life will be affected:

Advice is being provided, especially to cover vulnerable people and animals:

Debates will rage about the causes and role of climate change:

Some aren’t impressed and scornful, though.

#ReggaeGirlz go up to go ‘down under’, World Cup bound, again-July 12, 2022

In a winner-take-all game against Haiti, Jamaica’s women’s team won 4-0 to seal a spot in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. That’s consecutive qualifications. They and our compatriots should be immensely proud.

The match was not without scarces as Haiti hit a post at 0-0, and came close several times while trailing 1-0.

USA topped the group, with 3 wins and maximum points, scoring 9, conceding 0. Jamaica scored 5, conceded 5 (all from USA 😰), ending with 2 wins and a loss.

The other 2 CONCACAF slots were also decided, with Canada beating Costa Rica 2-0, but both qualify.

Canada got maximum points, with same goals scored and goal difference as USA; these two teams look favourites to make the final. But, nothing is certain.

These 4 teams will play CONCACAF semifinals on July 14, and final and 3rd place matches on July 18.

Haiti will have an intercontinental playoff in February 2023 for a vacant World Cup slot:

I want to be your leader: UK’s PM prospects raising their hands-July 11, 2022

Mere days after UK PM Boris John’s resigned as his Party’s leader, while clinging on as PM, at least 10 con-didates have raised their hands begging “Choose me!”:

A humorous take on them all as 1990s’ cars is worth reading-hilarious:

Already, the ‘muck raking’ has begun:

But, let the dust settle more.

Rules of selection have been changed, with minimum support from 20 MPs needed to get on the ballot.

Nominations will start and end on July 12:

Boris Johnson, getting (his) exit done!-July 7, 2022

After almost 48 hours of ministerial and MP resignations-over 50, the most in history in so short a time-Boris Johnson’s digging his heels in has ended with his feet slipping from underneath and accepting what was blindly obvious to many for week: it’s time to go. He’s just announced his stepping down as Tory Party leader and PM, but wanting to stay out till a new leader is appointed. He may not get that wish, as matters aren’t wholly in his control.

Many of his allies have been pleading with him to go, but he didn’t bite that bullet, immediately.

As he said, “Them’s the breaks.”

Let the leadership race begin.

Resigned! Boris Johnson sailing without a crew?-July 6, 2022

First, two front-line Cabinet ministers-finance and health minister-said “enough”, then a floodgate opened and rats fled the ship of Boris Johnson’s government in droves. So, what’s the sum damage…so far?

Letters from the Cabinet ministers were damning:

A stream of resignations continued today:

The ugliness of the flow may get worse as the PM has to answer at PMQ later and Sajid Javid explains his resignation to Parliament. All eyes fixed on this matter, today.

Keeping up to date with January 6 Committee (J6C) hearings-July 5, 2022

Not all of us can or want to keep up with all the details of political matters, but the J6C hearings are important in so many ways. So, take the easy route, if desired, of reading key take-aways so far:

Bombshell testimony to January 6 Committee, by Cassidy Hutchinson…ketchup on the walls-July 3, 2022

Last week, the January 6 Committee heard first hand testimony and reports from a close aide in the White House, Cassidy Hutchinson.

It detailed some bizarre behaviour by former president Trump at the time insurrectionists were trying to invade the US Capitol.

Secret Service sources have corroborated key parts of the testimony, about events related to Trump’s desire to go with the rioters:

We since learned that attempts were made to influence her testimony:

Ronald Sanders | Dust off Commonwealth SG elections | Commentary | Jamaica Gleaner-July 4, 2022

Much has been written in the Caribbean media about the contest surrounding the post of Commonwealth secretary-general (SG) that was decided on Friday, June 24 at an election in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Many statements and claims were made…
— Read on

Putting blogging on pause for a month…

I’ve blogged continuously and daily for over 2 years, during the worst of the COVID pandemic. I still have lots of views to share, but want to keep them to myself during July: family holidays beckon.

All being well, regular service will resume in August.


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