Reintroducing the Mask Mandate…Yes, but When?-May 31, 2022

On March 17, 2022, when the use of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) for Covid-19 management orders ended, the general mask mandate ended. On …

Reintroducing the Mask Mandate…Yes, but When?

I’m so glad, Jurgen is a red! Parading Liverpool FC team pride-May 30, 2022

Champions League Final 2022: a disaster barely averted by poor organisation?-May 29, 2022

The spectacle that was supposed to be the final match in Paris took on many of the eerie and worrying hallmarks of a football crowd disaster. For Liverpool fans, that’s not an unfamiliar feeling, and, of course, a worrying one. It’s 37 years ago, today, that the Heysel Disaster occurred!

It’s still early days, but it seems much blame lies with French police and UEFA organazation for the match.

Many noted and trustworthy sources at the venue, inclduing some players, have written that the glib statement by UEFA that the match delay was due to Liverpool fans arriving late and that ‘fake tickets’ were a problem, was nowhere near the truth.

In the age of social media, UEFA may learn swiftly that truth will out faster than they can organize another committee to sip coffee and ponder the what and why.

The dust will have to settle a few days before we get a clear indication of whether the organizers will take any blame.

Offical UEFA, French governement and French police reports are already being contradicte by British police, who say fan behaviour was “exemplary”:

Meanwhile, the age of citizen journalism will be painting grim pictures to counter much of the bureacratic dissembling:

Just not our day: Champions League Final-May 28, 2022

Real’s keeper was huge:

He’s been so all tournament:

A good Real goal in its construction but not a good goal, in terms of Liverpool’s defensive shape and awareness:

Liverpool had over 20 shots, 9 on target; Real had 4, 2 on target.

National fish and chips day-May 27, 2022

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, here’s a brief tribute to a great meal on any day. If you need help on how to eat and serve it, follow the BBC guide:

If you’re a skilled eater, then bag it and nosh it:

Oh, VAR!-May 26, 2022

The 2021/22 Premier League season is over, so besides lamenting the obvious points dropped, fans can now wonder what might have been without video assistance referees (VAR). Statistics have been developed by ESPN looking at the yes and no of VAR decisions, and it’s the stuff of pub arguments whether your team was helped or hurt. Though, the VAR-adjusted table shows that Manchester City and Liverpool would have ended 1st and 2nd, it omits the most egregious decision of the season (because there was no reversal), in my mind: the ‘handball’ by Rodri (Man City) against Everton, late in the match, when the score was 1-0, and could have given a chance to equalize with a penalty, that was clear as day but the referees missed, even after VAR. It was so bad that the refereeing body issued an apology to Everton!

For Liverpool fans, that non-decision was the one that ‘cost’ their team the title (if City had only gotten 1 point, not 3, then Liverpool would have ended 1 point ahead). I won’t go there, not least because it avoids discussing other dubious calls that might have gone in Liverpool’s favour. But, do I need to be so neutral? 🙂

Anyway, have fun reading the table and commentaries”

The clear picture of Sue Gray’s report; no shades of grey over #Partygate. But will Boris go?-May 25, 2022

Boris Johnson must “bear responsibility” over brazen No10 gatherings – eight of which he attended.’-Sue Gray.

Public anger at the double or even triple standards is already high:

Parody never gets old, though:

Elizabeth Line opens-May 24, 2022

Time ‘100 Most influential People’ for the year 2022′-May 23, 2022

Time has released its list of ‘100 Most influential People’ for the year 2022. I’m not going over the full list, in part, because, I’m not a great one for lists. However, Caribbean people are likely to take note because one of its political leaders-Mia Mottley, PM of Barbados-features on the magazine’s front page. The list is worth checking to understand the rationale for those included:

She has been a breath of fresh air in the region and in politics, generally. The list is interesting, so check it, not just for the expected people, but for some of those who may surprise because their popularity is at the end of the spectrum of conservative and authoritarian views, such as Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

It was so close…-May 22, 2022

The Premier League 2021/22 season ended in dramatic fashion, with Manchester City retaining their title, winning 4 of the past 5 seasons. Credit to them, for doing that in dramatic fashion with a stunning comeback from 0-2 down to win 3-2, to a team they have hardly ever lost to at home, led by a Liverpool legend, trying to be their nemesis, and a former Liverpool star holding briefly the key to their former club’s snatch and grab of the title. But, it was not to be. Liverpool did their job, winning, and the rest was down to others. The title was never Liverpool’s to win, being 14 points behind City at one stage and only leading for a total of 11 days, mostly in the early weeks; it was City’s to lose, having led the league most of the season, for 168 days. Credit, too, to The Reds, who were the only other team to mount a sustained challenge to City, and to the final day. It’s more noteworthy because Liverpool were competing well on all fronts, chasing a unique quadruple. They’ve managed two legs of that, winning the Carabao and FA Cups, and have the Champions League final to come at the weekend. But, it has truly been a dream season, and the league title would have been really sweet icing. It’s no consolation that the total points gained by Liverpool would have won the league in most years. They and City have set a standard far higher than other clubs have so far been able to match.

It was farewell to Divock Origi, a true club legend and individual highlight reel. He warrants more playing time with a big club, and I hope he finds that with AC Milan, who won Série A on the last day in Italy.

Awards went to several Liverpool players. I don’t think much of the ‘Player of the season’ award, voted for by fans, writers and team captains, not least because the fan voting can be manipulated. The Football Writers’ Awards are more meaningful, as are the Premier League awards based simply on statistical performances.

Liverpool players were in the top 3 places, an astonishing outcome, with its two full backs supporting its ‘winger’.

I really think highly of Liverpool’s goalkeeper, who has done more to solidify the defense, almost single-handedly. The team play a high risk defensive ‘high line’ and Allison is often called on to defend one-on-one.

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