The best, better and good. Not giving any space to the bad and the ugly (December 22)

I coach soccer–teaching others. I practise golf–teaching myself and being taught. For a long time, I have been convinced about the power of positive thinking in both activities. I like to end practices or training sessions on a good note: that’s the sentiment  you take into the next occasion. (Jack Nicklaus always forget how he played when he lost, but always remembered the details of his wins.) So, I’m going to follow that practice this week. I am only looking at good things–in my humble opinion. Bad and ugly things drain your energies and make you feel all out of sorts. Enough of them, not just because it’s Christmas. So, what do I have left?

The best has to be Tessanne Chin winning The VoiceFor the next whenever, we will not hear anything else but her beautiful voice and see her pleasant personality. We Jamaicans cannot explain how we feel to hear her represent the country and culture in some simple and genuine ways. “Bred an butta…” “Oxtail and some butta beans…” “A likkle rum…” “Adom…” The laugh. The giggles. The tears. No screaming. Love her!
Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.39.32 AMJamaica has a new hero, brought from our own indifference but appreciated and hailed and boosted abroad, and now recaptured in our hearts. Few things have come along recently for Jamaica that can be seen as so inspiring–in the same vein as the Olympic and World Championship winning performances.

Very good would go to Pope Francis for ‘calling out’ the high and mighty and greed.

Kal cartoon, from The Economist
Kal cartoon, from The Economist

Showing off may be cool, but it’s quite un-Christian. Good time to remind people about humility.

I would give better to one of my puzzling politicians, Vladimir Putin, for pardoning Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian oil tycoon jailed for a decade after posing a challenge to Putin. Well, put in, can be put out. Very presidential, Gospadin Putin, who said he was acting out of “principles of humanity” because Khodorkovsky’s mother was ill. Christmas is such a wonderful season.

Amongst the good. In the same week when the parish of Manchester celebrated 199 years, Mandeville, its capital, unveiled a bust of its late and long-serving mayor, Cecil Charlton.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.49.14 AM

So, I have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the bad and ugly. I know you’re out there, but really, let’s give peace a chance.