The good, the bad, and the ugly (December 1)


The JLP ‘soap opera’ of political infighting, though likely to have more episodes, took a little breather of sorts. The Supreme Court did not accede to a request by one JLP senator, who objected that his leader allegedly used undated letters of resignation to oust him and another JLP senator from their Upper House positions, to give an injunction against their posts being filled by new JLP-chosen replacements. The JLP leader–who could soon be renamed “His Holiness”?–is keeping his focus clear, and building the team he wants, so announced his replacements for the two senators and they got down to business by week’s end.

CARICOM finds its voice and chastises the Dominican Republic. It suspended the Dominican Republic’s bid to join the 15-member regional grouping. This follows a court ruling in September that would potentially render stateless thousands of Dominican Republic people of Haitian descent.


The refusal of entry and subsequent deportation of 13 Jamaicans by Trinidadian Immigration officers led to heightened feelings of resentment in the land of wood and water. Many Jamaicans called for retaliation–eg, denying Trinidadians entry to Jamaica, or boycotting goods from Trinidad. Meanwhile, the Jamaican government has offered to have diplomatic talks with Trinidadian foreign affairs officials, who are due to arrive in Kingston on December 2.


Two policemen were among three would-be robbers arrested Friday morning, after they allegedly attempted to rob an individual at a service station in uptown St Andrew, Jamaica. The incident occurred sometime in the very early morning, but quick action by motorists led to a subsequent chase, which resulted in the men being apprehended. Remember, this is Police Week, which began with ‘Police High Visibility and Public Interaction Day’. A bit sick.