Andy Murray, in a hurry-July 1, 2021

I’m not apologetic for being passionate about sports; it’s often the heartbeat of people. So, as summer sets in and heat rises, so does excitement in lots of tournaments. Now, it’s time for tennis at Wimbledon: the romance of grassy courts is visually evident during every match. This year, after a year when the annual major event was cancelled due to COVID-19, things have been a bit tricky with court conditions and several players have already had their time cut short after slipping and falling on the damp grass. But, it’s an unpredictable surface at the best of times.

But, in recent years, Wimbledon has had a different feel because a British player has been well in the mix, Andy Murray, a proud Scot, not an Englishman, though. He’s gone through a few years battling injuries and having surgeries and seems to be trying to make a spirited comeback. Well, the spirit was there yesterday when he pulled off a 5 set win in 2nd round against a tall German qualifier. He also did it with some exquisite shots in the 5th set, after dip in form and poor decisions in the 3rd set saw him needing to pull out his finger.

That he managed to rally himself was in no short part due to the immense support he got from the ‘home’ crowd.

It was a stunning spectacle to see Wimbledon’s Centre Court full, after more than a year when sporting venues have had either no fans or very few in attendance. Of course, their instant reactions make for better atmosphere.

As a proud Scot, Murray would have been disappointed to see Scotland ousted from EURO 2020 at the group stage, but as a keen footballer, I’m sure he’s channelling as much of the energy that’s coming from that tournament into his play.