Phil thrills, wins and doesn’t spill-a PGA Major victory for the ages and the aged-May 24, 2021

It’s taken for granted that many important golfing skills wane when players reach their 40s, and worsen into their 50s, especially the fine skills of the ‘short’ game and putting. But, many players on the pro circuit have shown that we shouldn’t take that for granted of the best players. For sure, there’s plenty of skill visible still on the Champions Tour (over-50s). I started golf in my 50s and my best skill is my putting.

Nerves are supposed to jangle more as age takes its toll. So, it was expected by many that Phil Mickelson’s nerves would let him down; they have before. Phil is nearly 51. He was playing in the lead group with one of the younger bucks, Brooks Koepka, who having come off an indifferent period with injuries, but with a record in Majors that’s really stunning and had the fitness, strength and nerves of a Titan.

Well, Phil took home the Wannemaker trophy, winning easily in windy conditions that turned the course on its head and forced many errors, even for him, but his play was almost the most solid in the final round. Scoring 1 over par for minus 6 overall was a great win.

But, he made history as the oldest winner of a golf Major:

Things got wild at the end as the crowds spilled onto the fairway, but it was homage to one of the game’s heroes, akin to what Tiger Woods had to deal with as he came in for his 2019 Masters win:

Along the way, on the final day, Phil’s magic with a wedge was on full display:

The win was sweet to savour:

Along the way, Phil showed he could “bomb” it like the new big guns:

He debuted on the Champions Tour last year and has already shown that he’s more than capable of winning easily there, with two victories. But, I suspect, they’ll have to wait a bit to get more thrills from Phil.

Now, after an indifferent year, the Wizard gets his first Major in 13 years. Well done, Leftie!