No panic over a panenka-May 9, 2021

Many people have short memories, so when Sergio Kun Aguero tried and failed miserably to score a penalty with a ‘panenka’ style kick, on Saturday, against Chelsea, it was just another in a long line of such failed attempts:

Like anything other than the norm, when it’s tried and failed the world is up in arms second guessing. If he’d scored with the same kick, he’d be a genius.

Credit to Aguero, though, for using social media to issue an apology, which I don’t think is needed, but maybe makes him feel good about his last season at Manchester City and wanting to leave the fans with the best impression of him:

Aguero’s is not the worst panenka miss by a long shot; it’s just the most recent. It looks bad, in hindsight, as a 2-0 lead would likely have meant game over for Man. City, instead of their losing 2-1, with a lucky winner in the dying seconds, and delaying City’s being crowned league champions:

Much earlier in the season, Lookman (Fulham) had set the low mark for futility and also game significance with his “little dink” in the 90+7″ minute that could have earned Fulham a precious point. As it was, he’s rebounded and put in some stellar performances since.