#COVID19Chronicles-217: November 12, 2020-CCRP Living Legacy Award, Oliver Samuels

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) held its annual Living Legacy Award yesterday in COVID19 fashion as a PBCJ TV and Facebook broadcast, not its traditional lunch and presentation ceremony. This year’s award went to Oliver Samuels for 50 years of entertainment; he turned 70 in 2018.

Watch the broadcast here:

He was also given gifts of tablets to donate by Ambassador Aloun Assamba, a former CCRP board member:

Many of us will have our favourite ‘Oliver at Large’ moments, but the TV shows meant more than that to me. My family and I watched his TV shows in England and they were another strand keeping us connected to Jamaica from a distance. His brand of humour was priceless and that cultural role was immeasurable. He is a fan favourite in the UK, where he tours, regularly.

I love ‘It must be a duppy’:

Flight 007 is another favourite episode and I’ve rewatched clips from it regularly over the past years:

I was also lucky enough to see Oliver perform in one of his plays on stage in Jamaica; belly cramp was well established.

Oliver recently lent his voice and style to the general hygiene messages about living with COVID19:

He also supported the living with COVID exercising and nutritional messages for senior citizens:

I don’t know if Oliver appreciates the legacy he gave those of us who were far from home, and the generations that followed. His mentor was Miss Lou and he has been mentor to many.