Things we learned from President Obama’s visit to Jamaica

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Kingston can be rebuilt overnight.

Just one small sacrifice so that others may look good...
Just one small sacrifice so that others may look good…

Be humble. First rule of political insults: Young man, never put yourself in the position of scoffing at an opponent being ignored when you’re not in full control of events. He who stands on the tarmac waiting to meet POTUS laughs last and loudest.

Air Force One is big and shiny and some Jamaican reporters looked at it like Toad did when he first saw a motor car.

The Beast is also big and shiny and Jamaicans were delirious to just see the presidential ride, even if they only saw the decoy car.


Jamaicans didn’t appreciate not having a chance to meet President Obama, after all the prettying up that happened. The wreath laying visit to Heroes Circle was a mere 10 minutes. In all the planning that went into the visit, of whatever form, it was a mistake to not include more of a drive past for the many whom we know were yearning to just get a glimpse of something historic.

Barack Obama knows the common touch: “Greetings massive! Wha gwaan, Jamaica?…Big up, UWI!…It’s great to be in beautiful Jamaica…I like the vibe here.”

He needs work on pronunciation, but is a fast learner and should be fluent by his next visit. But, it was an important fact that he recognised that Jamaicans speak Patois: it’s our language, and it’s time that we owned it, fully. The rest of the world knows us by it.

POTUS never travelled through the airport, so it’s unlikely he have gotten a to-go box of Tastee patties.

Tessanne Chin impressed POTUS and the USA with her voice and her depictions of Jamaica. She was well honoured by being asked to perform for President Obama again at the young leaders town hall meeting. tessanne-chin-sasco-1

Jamar Rolando McNaughton Jr, aka Chronixx, was not impressed and called POTUS a ‘waste man’ on his various social media accounts. Why? POTUS did not pardon, immediately, Marcus Garvey. True, many Jamaicans would love to see the great man’s name unsullied, but is this the right reaction? Throwing the zinc fence at the ‘World Boss’. IDK and SMH.

Chronixx in a huff with POTUS
Chronixx in a huff with POTUS

Dutty Berry is funny, talks fast, but can’t sing 😊

PSM really loves Barack Obama. I mean, really…

We have close relations. No kidding!
We have close relations. No kidding!

POTUS can drink a cold one. Red Stripe delivered two crates of Red Stripe to Air Force One. Look to see our brew featured at his next ‘beer summit’. The White House already has its own brewery, but he may get Michelle to plant cassava and try to brew some at home. Now that is what you call getting the wheel sup 🙂obama-beer

Barack Obama has all Bob Marley’s albums.

Only Mutabaruka could have asked THE question about legalisation and decriminalisation of marijuana better than Steppa (aka Miguel Williams).

You huh ha fi like ‘im.

The visit had the perfect end. The rainbow to greet the President of the United States as he left Jamaica is the stuff that you cannot write or make up. Jamaicans know signs.

The Special One gets his own goodbye
The Special One gets his own goodbye