I thought that lawyers were regarded as one of the noble professions. Maybe, as with many things, it’s worth doing a reworking of social values to reflect modern conditions and be more modest about ‘nobleness’. Not meaning to stamp on anyone’s corns, but this commentary by Gordon Robinson makes one wonder, again, about the ethics of those who are supposedly mired in ethics in their professional pursuits.

I’ve become distressed at a “worrying trend” which sees some lawyers trying their cases in the media rather than the courts. I don’t like it.


The good, the bad, and the ugly (December 15)


What else, but Tessanne ChinThe Voice - Season 5 making it through to the finals of The Voice? What would beat that is her winning the whole handcart.


The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) defended itself against criticism about the pace at which it delivers rulings on corruption matters. The Sunday Gleaner had featured this failing, with no rulings in about 78 per cent of cases referred to it by The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. The Office of the DPP admitted that the pace of delivery of rulings on such matters was slow. But, it said such “delay must be understood within the context of the non-delegable responsibilities and the realities and challenges of the Office”, which has responsibilities in several areas. The DPP says it is hampered by the heavy numerical and arithmetic content which sometimes spans years of examination of income versus expenditure. That’s why we have computers! It said the Commission had agreed to provide executive summaries to make the process easier, but has not followed through. I hear you, DPP, but take charge! People not following through is too easy to blame and it’s too often the case. Hold people accountable. Give people the incentives to do good work, like firing them for non-performance.


How callous people saw the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, as their chance to be callous. Who was the fool who let the ‘fake’ sign language interpreter be selected for that role and ‘tell’ deaf people gibberish? Do I smell a little corruption? Surely not? I think–without sounding too morally outraged, and Michelle Obama seemed to have plenty of that–that Pres. Obama,Obama outrage the UK and Danish PMs, really ought to have another think about what seems like appropriate public behaviour for leaders of countries, who happen to not be teenagers. If they wanted a photo together, I’m sure it could have been arranged.