#COVID19Chronicles-326: February 26, 2021-Lenten reflections 10-Getting out of a fine data breach mess

Last night, the PM issued a statement about the state of cybersecurity policy, including the now messy situation regarding the JamCOVID19 app, which was reported to have shown a 3rd data exposure/breach:

It emerged that the JamCOVID19 website was down for ‘maintenance’:

The indications that cybersecurity concerns and actions will be accelerated is a coherent-sounding situation, but it’s been part of a messy slog as issues were shown clearly to exist in this key part of Jamaica’s current cyber architecture.

I wont go over the trail of tweets and emails that have gone on between Zack Whittaker, Amber Group and government ministries, but the read like a piece of classic denial by politicians and fuzziness on the part of the corporate entity directly responsible for the problem. Owning the fault seems to be no part of the official and business strategy.

He reported that he’d advised Amber Group of a third security lapse:

Tech industry experts have tried to play mediator, of a sort:

The website being “under maintenance” will have an impact on travellers wanting to come to Jamaica; how much and how long, isn’t clear. But, it’s a messy stage in a messy situation and it’s not clear, yet, who and when the mess will get sorted.