Madness in the air. Madness everywhere. Jamaican Whackos and Wakka.

It’s been said so often, but can be said again. Jamaica defines insanity. Why? An inmate is allegedly beaten to death in a lock-up by another inmate in Montego Bay. So, what do the police do? They put said accused inmate into the same lock-up. Result? Said inmate is also allegedly beaten by other inmates. Read the story. The Minister of National Security has called for an audit of the island’s lock-ups. He needs to have the force undergo evaluations for their mental faculties.

A Minister of State has over recent days apparently been ranting on social media about Jamaica not being pleasing to God. It’s public space, but does decorum or other features of being an elected official place an onus on said minister and his like to behave in a certain manner? My basic feeling is that given that all such utterances are on public record, should these be what the public, electorate, or rest of the world have as their image of an elected official. Clearly, Damion Crawford has become uncomfortable in his elected skin: he has already announced he will not be seeking re-election. Draw your own conclusions from a small sample from the past 24 hours.IMG_1328.PNG

The screen shot above of the account purports to be the same as the true account of the Minister, so the possible out that the account has been hacked may not fly. But, let’s be generous and see if the Minister distances himself from these online remarks, the latest of which seem in keeping with reported remarks made recently in Canada. Rock on, Tommy!

I will leave under consideration which God he may have in mind, given that he purports to be a Rasta, or maybe he just wears dreadlocks.