Floyd Green’s saga-September 18, 2021

For posterity sake, it’s worth putting a few words out concerning the sad case of the Cabinet minister who thought it was a good idea to go out with friends on no-movement day and celebrate a friend’s birthday at a hotel, with their their open disregarding of the COVID restrictions most others were observing, with champagne, no less.

The video that went viral was clear enough:

Calls for Green’s resignation came fast, as did a few excuses such as those claiming the event had not happened during a no-movement day. Sadly, even if that had been true, there was the bothersome matter of a member of government openly dismissing the policy that he had a hand in approving and supposedly upholding. Collective responsibility in government means something. What was the mood regarding such responsibilities to a gaggle of partying friends, some wondered.

Green’s resignation came within the day and the video he circulated with an apology had the right touch of contrition and sincerity:

Other principals, including JLP Councillor (Mona Division) Andrew Bellamy, also fell on their swords, quickly:

So, too, did Gabrielle Hylton, a representative on several boards, for whom the ‘birthday’ bash was held:

“Floyd Green, this is your life,” to share the entry words of Eamonn Andrews.

I think that, over recent days, some well-considered and crafted opinons have been published in our mainstream media, so I will share those, and many of the sentiments they express.

The Gleaner’s Editorial struck a good tone and stance:

So, too, did the Observer:

Other opinions this weekend have also shown thoughtful observations on the misdeeds and the possible future. First. Orville Taylor:

Second, Dr. Alfred Dawes:

The PM has ‘referred’ the video over to police and people will want to see how even-handed the law will be in dealing with DRMA infraction:

Opposition piranhas were circling fast. They rightly called for resignations

They seemed a bit over eager calling for more heads to roll:

The agriculture portfolio has been passed to Audley Shaw:

Path to rehabilitation is already being outlined by the PM, pointing to a greater role for Green in Parliament:

Finally, the online petition seeking green’s reinstatement will likely be a matter of historical or hysterical interest, I think.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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