Back to the future: curfew hours tightened, again-July 26, 2021

PM Holness held a media briefing this evening:

The main policy change is that, from July 27, things go back to where they were at end-June: curfews will be 8pm-5am, Monday through Saturday; for Sundays and public holidays, curfew will be 3pm-5am.

Other restrictions will also be tightened again.

These measures are preliminary until August 11.

This change is hoped to head off a possible 3rd wave, in light of a rapidly worsening situation with rising cases and a reproductive rate rising above 1, to now 1.4.

The measures are also meant to help ensure a return to in-person schools in September.

Many will wonder if the changes from July 1 could not have been seen as premature, notwithstanding calls from certain quarters to loosen restrictions. Government’s role is to decide in the best interest, not to capitulate to positions that it truly beleives are not well-founded or in the best public interest.

Officials also gave an update on vaccination and COVID trends, with news of new vaccine supplies due in coming days and weeks, and ambitious vaccination targets by September:

About 1 million doses of vaccines are expected during the next two months:

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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