Eurovision Song Contest 2021: UK gets “nil points”! #Brexit realities?-May 23, 2021

I’ve rarely been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual singing and music contest for ‘European’ countries. More often than not it was a few hours of listening to what passes for popular music, much of which is a sad reminder of drunken boozy sessions of tourists in well-trodden resorts like Benidorm. But, with its long history of great musical talent that has shown the world where to go, who would have thought that the UK could not muster up a few votes? Who would believe that the UK would end up dead last?

First, let’s congratulate the winners, Italy. It was a wince-making performance, more notable for the prominence of the lead singer’s ‘junk’ that the TV camera people couldn’t avoid giving their focus. Moving right along. Nothing about the song is memorable, as far as I recall.

But, the contest just showed the world what Brexit really means to the rest of Europe: the UK is not part of ‘us’, any more.

The dismal performance is more stunning when you recall that voting is open to the public:

Does that mean UK viewers also disliked their entry so much? “Nil points”!

I think I should be grateful that I have never heard the UK entry, and will try my hardest to keep it that way. 🙂

Good thing, it’s not like football, where the bottom ‘team’ would get relegated. But, if it were, where would they send the UK?

Finally, the UK’s song was entitled ‘Embers’ and that, sadly, is where it now lies.

Answers on a postcard. 🙂

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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