It’s Ramadan, but I’ve been fasting all year-April 24, 2021

Though I’m not a Muslim, I note Ramadan, this year April 12-May 12. I’m not fasting during it, but I’ve observed Ramadan fasts several times, while living in a Muslim country. The first year, I didn’t realize early on I could take water and suffered as dehydration kicked in. I was saved by a Lebanese family who ran a restaurant and introduced to their Iftar time-when daily fasts are broken-the times are set.

Once I had the water thing sorted, I was good to go. I learned about the exceptions allowed during Ramadan, eg for travel.

But, I followed strictly so that I could get a better understanding of how near-national fasting affected the socioeconomic functioning of the country. Basically, productivity declined.

Now, I’ve been intermittent fasting by choice since January and I’ve passed my March deadline and just kept on going.

Someone asked me how I fast and eat what I do. Simple: I’m not on a specific diet, just controlling when I eat. In the process, I eat less, and lost weight as a result-12-15 pounds/6-8 kg.

My energy levels are high and I sleep well (9pm-4am) most nights. I have few cravings and if I do I staunch them deftly eg by eating near zero calories as some cucumber. If in a real funk, I take a nap 🤣

My mind is clear, aided by giving up alcohol over the same period. I had a tipple of wine last week and it tasted horrible. Water is my drink of choice.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

Retired International Monetary Fund economist. My blog is for organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, but spent 30 years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for two decades, and worked and travelled abroad, extensively, throughout my careers and for pleasure. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of 3 girls. Also, married to an economist. :)