European Super League trips over its feet and there’s no #VAR-April 21, 2021

It looks like the European Super League will be a super bust as its founder, Juventus chairman, Andrea Agnelli says without the six English clubs it cannot go ahead.

Six English teams walked away in wake of widespread condemnation and fan protests:

Several English club owners have issued apologies:

Atletico Madrid withdrew:

Two Italian clubs are set to withdraw and the ‘project’ has been suspended:

Now, only the Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid remain as founders.

Early assessments continue to be harsh.

It’s a fight between elites, and it’s far from over-it’s really UEFA vs club owners:

Sanctions to come?

Now, the idea has been relegated to the butt of jokes and memes:

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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