#COVID19Chronicles-355: March 26, 2021-Lenten reflections 37-Jamaica and Caribbean countries’ vaccination supply woes

Jamaica is struggling to get vaccines procured and meet it stated targets, as supplies are coming in slower and lower than earlier promised. But new supplies are on order, including 1 million doses of the single dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which could significantly change the vaccination process:

But, health and wellness minister Tufton confirmed it’s still on track to get AstraZeneca doses by early April:

Vaccinations are going well as over 26,000 Jamaicans have had their first dose; over 90% of target been met for first two weeks:

Caribbean countries, in general, are also struggling as the COVAX ‘life line’ seems shredded; only Jamaica received supplies so far from this source:

India has suspended temporarily exports of AstraZeneca vaccines, as local cases surge, though committing to meeting its supply commitments:

Countries are asking for donations, and pressing the WHO on the matter:

Meanwhile EU countries are fighting over AZ exports:

In his first press conference, president Biden raised the US target from 100 million vaccines in 100 days (recently met) to 200 million:

How the have and have nots live!

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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