#COVID19Chronicles-262: December 26, 2020-Boxed-in Day

Differences between Christmas traditions are always of interest. Today, ‘Boxing Day’, is one that marks the UK apart from the USA; it exists in the former and its former colonies, but not in the USA. The BBC points to some of the linguistic ones. But, several differences are also there, elsewhere in the ‘English-speaking’ world. While I’m often uttering “Chrimbo” in Jamaica, I know from the blank reactions that my listener often has no idea what I mean.

Christmas dinner with friends, included apple pie and ambrosia pudding 🙂 Festive wear yesterday and ‘ugly’ sweater today 🙂

I’m not going to discuss much about these differences; you can check them, if you wish. All I’ll do is focus on today as a day when the English football fixture list is full, and it would be so even if this were not a Saturday, because the tradition is to start the Christmas/New Year period with a lot of games. In past years, Boxing Day results often reflected some bizarre outcomes that suggested too much enjoyment on Christmas Days.

Teams are now more focused on nutrition and restraint during holidays, and many players will be curbing the eating and drinking.

So, I’m in front of the ‘gogglebox’ (less boxy these days, as the flat screen era rules). I should have some mince pies to had to go with my hot drink, but I’ll accept some black Jamaican Christmas cake/pudding 🙂

I’ve donned my ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, at least for a while. It’s cool enough here in the tropics–23C/73F.

I should also have Christmas dinner left overs to keep me happy for the day. Normally, that would be slices of ham and turkey. But, I have none from the dinner I had with friends, yesterday, but I know I have other tasty leftovers in the fridge.

So, while most Americans will not have this day as a holiday, and do not celebrate Christmas as a season, I’ll get into the swing of another day of lolling around.

Many are already headed to another traditional activity–Christmas sales. That, too, is far from my interests, and in #COVID19Life times, I’ll be interested in how that goes.

So, feet up. Head back. Stomach in…if possible. Enjoy the day!

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

Retired International Monetary Fund economist. My blog is for organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, but spent 30 years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for two decades, and worked and travelled abroad, extensively, throughout my careers and for pleasure. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of 3 girls. Also, married to an economist. :)