#COVID19Chronicles-249: December 13, 2020-Finding a cure for COVID times

My wife has spent many hours ‘relaxing’ in our kitchen, baking–banana breads, cobblers, and other forms of dessert. I have tried hard to not offend, so I nibble a piece of them, or I find a reason to share with friends. As many know, a major challgenge of restricted movements during the pandemic has been weight control.

Others have discovered cooking or doing things in the kitchen as more time seems available and varied forms of relaxation increase their appeal. I love my garden, so that’s where I put daily love.

But, I have my moments in the kitchen, too. So, as Christmas approaches, I thought I’d try something new. A friend’s family has become our main source for fresh pork meat. I got a call Friday that delivery would come on Saturday. What did I want? By the way, a leg, asked for months ago, would be coming my way. Oh, yea!

I decided to cure the leg of pork to make ham. Never done that before. I thought making ham took weeks, but I found a recipe that cures the meat in brine in a few days (1 day per 1-2 pounds). So, I made my brine with sea salt (kosher wasn’t in the cupboard), brown sugar and spices (I had to make my own pickling spice with cloves, coriander seeds, bay leaves, all spice and some other ingredients; I left out pepper flakes). I scored the skin then set the leg in the brine and then in the fridge, covered with a plate to keep it fully submerged.

7.5 pounds of pork leg in brine

The ham should be ready by Wednesday and could be in the oven that day. I’ll let you know how it works. Worst case scenario: we have a salty leg of roast pork 🙂

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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