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The media briefing given by the PM on October 28 can be watched here:

Its main points were as follows, including an update on the state of roads damaged by Tropical Storm Zeta:

COVID fatigue and mental health issues are now getting more attention:

COVID active cases are slowing, and the flattening of this curve is a good sign, but it’s being watched, cautiously.

Minister Tufton gave an health issues update.

Care homes were being tested as are correctional facilities.

Curfews remain unchanged.

Funerals protocols remain unchanged through November 30.

Age limit remains at 65 for stay-at-home till November 30.

Schools will move in a phased manner to face-to-face classes, from November 9 through 20, with 17 pilot schools pilot in 9 parishes targeted (affecting primary and secondary schools, and some 60,000 students).