Lisa Hanna was on the stage first with her nomination to become PNP president and with her ‘platform’:

But, Mark Golding was up at the bar only a few steps behind:

But, each has promised to be the other’s BFF:

Both have racked up serious backing within the party, especially, Ms. Hanna:

That’s not trivial, given that the presidential voting is amongst delegates not the public at large.

Outside backers, especially in business, have notably shown support for Mr. Golding, spurred by many working and personal relationships, not without some of that sparking some tongue-wagging.

Chairman of the RJR Group, Joe Matalon, made a personal endorsement and the RJR Group made clear that this was not a corporate endorsement: “The Board deliberated on the matter and agreed that Chairman Matalon, as a non-executive chairman was clearly speaking in a personal or business capacity.”

I have to say, though, I was not impressed that neither nominee saw fit to curb the public melee around their nominations, given the inherent risks of this PNP people had been complaining about through the general election.

I guess when the hat fits, wear it 😦

One thing had puzzled me during this brief campaign: Ms. Hanna was almost the archetypal social media maven, with active presence on several platforms, especially with visual material. However, during the campaign, it seemed that Mr. Golding was more visible on social media, almost the reverse of his prior activity. Now, Ms. Hanna has stated that she took a deliberate step to pull back and work more on the ground and behind the scenes.

How that all plays out in terms of swaying delegates, we shall have to wait and see.