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Heroes Day holiday weekend had curfews from 3pm Sunday, October 18, to 8am Monday, and 3pm Monday, October 19, to 5am Tuesday. That offered a nice way to just hang back and chill for many, especially as no restrictions had been imposed for the preceding Friday and Saturday. Health and wellness minister, Dr. Chris Tufton, gave the perfect plan: ‘Tan ah yuh yaad’ and have drinks on the house:

But, for some, it was an invitation to break the curfew and try to be bigger than the law or the State.

Plenty paid for the stunts.

On Monday afternoon, we saw gridlock as people returned to Kingston as curfew approached:

Which part of try to get home much earlier did people not understand?

A lot of people can‘t assess problems and solve them ahead of time.

I went for an early walk on Sunday then a long breakfast and got home by 12:30. On Monday, I left home at 8am and went to pick up a friend to play golf and was determined to get home by noon because I figured the roads would see a rush of traffic as curfew approached. It seemed obvious, to me. Yet.