#COVID19Chronicles-188: October 16, 2020-It’s time for the youth to step up to the plate

Minister Tufton‘s ‘COVID Conversation’ on October 15 focused on youth and the important role they may be playing in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

A Youth Leaders Response Programme will be launched soon, giving young people a greater role as protectors rather than ‘spreaders’:

Details are due to be elaborated today. This would build on the energy of young people, who are known to be more likely to be circulating more widely in the society, but are more resilient to the virus and may unwittingly be spreading it faster as they move in and out of their homes. Unfortunately, older people are less resilient and the data show young people are numerically more significant in cases but less so in deaths per head of population.

More broadly, the latest data suggest the recent surge in cases and deaths is abating at the national level, though there are local areas where the trend is otherwise:

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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