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Lisa Hanna will run in the forthcoming elections for PNP president; it’s likely to be not a beautiful contest, so far with only Mark Golding as opposition:

Julian Robinson is stepping down as PNP General Secretary (a possible aspirant for president in some minds), as is Fitz Jackson, the PNP chairman—‘falling on their swords’ for the recent general election loss:

Minister Tufton was at pains to dispel ‘conspiracy theories’:

To say that Jamaicans are suspicious of politicians much of the time is an understatement and the country has a serious ‘trust deficit’. I pity anyone trying to tell a consistent and accurate story as a politician in the midst of the ‘noise’ and disruptive information that floods many people’s consciousness. I’d wager that ‘fake news’ really originated in Jamaica 🙂

‘Conspiracy theories’ can represent lots of things, including real attempt to destabilize policy dialogue, pure mischief, and boredom/idleness. I wont speculate which have been in play.