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Many people are in bewilderment how something so simple as wearing a mask proves to be so difficult. I’m not going to promote antimaskers who have turned it into a political issue about freedom, who won’t wear and will rip off. I just hope for their sakes no rules are introduced compelling people to wear clothes 🤔😳😂

The advice is now clear from health experts.

Visual images circulate about right and wrong ways to wear masks:

Use everyday and everywhere and wash cloth masks after each use.

But, then comes attempts to follow the rules or simply just get the mask on the face right.

Clearly, mask wearing doesn’t lend itself well to certain combinations of tasks, most obvious is eating and drinking. Coaches trying to give instructions and wear microphones with masks? Needs more thought.

It’s getting sillier than Arsene Wenger’s problems with his coat zipper:

My blogger friend, Susan Goffe shared a chart of the 4 mask-wearer personality types:

Messaging is vital. NZ PM was quick to correct the impression of laxness.

Some countries, like Germany, have reached their limits of official tolerance, and are moving to use of force:

Sadly, in Jamaica, we’ve almost reached the stage where main messengers, policy makers, are sending at best mixed, and at worse, wrong messages. The PM has started making a point of highlighting he’s wearing his mask when giving a speech.

His PR machine has now ramped up the message: