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The main issue on the horizon in my mind is how will schools reopen on October 5. Well, planning is underway and a task force has just been set up to oversee planning. It’s expected to be an online start; in-person schooling would be the start of a huge wave of chaos and probably rapid infection spread, in the current environment, knowing how children congregate and circulate, plus laxness with hygiene, as well as the many problems with public transport operations and the lack of rigourous adherence to health protocols. Remember, the expectation is that the pandemic will reach peak infections by end-September.

Some private schools returned last week, online. Their experience will be noted.

Problems have been evident in our other countries:

The Gleaner is hosting an online Editor’s forum today:

The American International School in Kingston (AISK) reopened for in-person classes several weeks ago, in late-August; their experiences will also be instructive, though the school is small and has been equipped with highly sophisticated facial-recognition screening machines, which other schools are less likely to be able to provide:

They’ve shown imagination across the range of school activities in ‘living with ‘COVID’:

The inequalities existing across education have been well-exposed by the pandemic and it’s hard to see these being much lessened in the near-term, although many measures will be coming to bear in efforts to do that.