My friend, Mary Jones (no relative) writes really interesting posts, from the rare perspective of a newish bell ringer. This piece resonated immediately. I did not see the image and I do not know any e e cummings poems, but I do know words and letters—cryptic crosswords, anagrams, puns, grammatical slip, I love them all—and saw, immediately, that I was being summoned. You see, this resonates because ‘grasshopper’ is one of my writing pseudonyms, and I saw the word about 3 letters in. Why I chose that soubriquet, you’ll have to trawl through my blog posts 🙂


I discovered e e cummings, the experimental American poet, when I was about 14 or 15, and I could not believe what I was reading. Or rather, not “reading” because some of his poems you do not exactly “read”, you sort of absorb them through what you know about reading. If you try to “read” […]

In praise of the full stop — The Accidental Ringer