Yesterday started calmly enough and I took a quick spin downtown to put gas into my car…for the first time since mid-March. 😳

Job done. But I also took a quick spin around Parade and nearby streets just to see how things were.

Taxis awaiting riders were the main event. Though just some quick observations, but masks were more visible than I’d seen recently, especially amongst taxi drivers.

I then scooted home for a quiet morning.

Rain started late morning as traces of Tropical Storm Laura passed by. It never let up and by sunset I’d wished I’d bought that Ark kit. But, the washed sky left us a super pink tinge as the sun set.

By bedtime, the rain was still heavy and winds were lashing and we’d had one massive thunderclap that had me gripping the chandelier. 😂

As I lay in bed, the pounding rain was soothing. I was asleep just after 10pm. So, when I woke for a bathroom break around 2am, I was serenaded by howling wind and pounding rain.

I was mesmerized for about 15 minutes then slept soundly till past 5.

No damage to report by daybreak but some flooding was at the bottom of the yard, where we grow our little urban garden.

Our plants are loving the recent heavy rain but we may then get an upsurge of mosquitoes. Most of today has been dry so the excess water can soak in.

Laura called to say she’s headed north towards Texas, and thanks for the visit. She has plans to become a hurricane and will send a card if things change.