If you didn’t know, ‘take a gander’ means to have a look/peak at…something/someone. To ‘take a proper gander’ means to look very closely.

I have a few things in mind, and I also don’t have anything specific in mind, but we are definitely on the general election run way in Jamaica, so let me go there. Here’s the pointer:

News flow isn’t spontaneous and the motivation of those who curate items so that they become news is not neutral. Those who know of events that may be of public interest are also not neutral all the time, though they could be neutral some of the time. All of that is to say look and read carefully in coming weeks because there’s a good chance that what you see, hear, and read is flowing now because it’s believed that it could have a bearing on election thinking.

Timing is everything.

It’s clear to most that some stories have been stored up for a particular moment and the moment is now or close. I drafted a post some weeks ago about the notable profiling of some Cabinet ministers but decided against publishing it because, although none of it was factually wrong, it did point in a certain direction that seemed clear to me. I’m holding onto it until at least after an election and then I will know if I got it more or less right. 🙂

So, as we head into August, it’s good to remember that not everyone and everything is august. 🙂

Today, is Emancipation Day, so emancipate yourself from mental slavery and try to see beyond the words that flutter and are uttered, and what is image and what is mirage.