I’m no lawyer, and one day at law school wouldn’t allow me to claim great expertise, either, though I think I have good sense. So, I’ll leave to a well-qualified lawyer to express, fully, concerns I have about the statements made recently by the Attorney General (AG). The reaction by the collective body of barristers/lawyers should be seen as considered, so let the blog post made two days ago, stands in a fuller context.

The AG’s comments:

The Bar Association statement:

Some press reactions:

A less-formal lawyer’s opinion:

A fuller considered lawyer’s opinion:

Recently, a Supreme Court Judge reportedly ruled the detention of some men under States of Emergency unconstitutional and ordered their release. In a…


My views are really about the continued slow slide into a problem that Cabinet members seems to be on, and that’s a concern because I had noted a few weeks ago how something like that could be the creeping rot that puts the chances of the current administration being voted back in in jeopardy, when none or little was there, in the form of a viable Opposition.

Those who know me and follow my thoughts, know I like sporting analogies. This one is really about whether the team has been told to play out the clock–take a generally passive approach in the waning moments of a contest–or play out to the finish. What’s clear is that the team approach isn’t clear. The captain/PM/coach has given his instructions to the team, but as often the case, some mavericks or those who can’t keep concentration are making silly mistakes and letting a comfortable lead slip away. Two own goals were conceded in quick time and the players at the heart of that were benched. Now, another player has tripped herself on the ball and let it come off her head and roll close to the goal line. It’s being reviewed by VAR, so we won’t know the decision immediately.

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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