The long-awaited ‘opening up’ of Jamaica’s borders is proving a slippery slope and so far the PM has not been managing to keep his feet under him too well; but we’re not known to be good on skis.

His presentation to Parliament last night doesn’t really add much comfort, and still grey areas and some seriously flawed thinking seem deep in the process. I’m left wondering what will happen next, as I think the dancing is only just beginning.

A lot of public goodwill was built up over the past 12 weeks of restricted COVID19 living and most Jamaicans are not ready to see it apparently thrown away to accommodate either hotel owners and foreign visitors.

The latest attempt at clarifying the rules and health protocols for arriving people was spelt out by the PM last night: there will be screening for all, testing for some, quarantine for some, depending on results (maybe 24 hours or till results come back for foreigners, or 14 days for Jamaicans; maybe in-place or at home). The ‘travel bubble’ so far is just a few CARICOM countries. He explained that passengers coming from these countries would not be subjected to mandatory testing due to these countries’ management of the COVID-19 crisis:

Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
St Lucia
St Kitts and Nevis
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands

Other countries’ COVID19 status will be assessed before expanding the bubble. I think those are the main lines.

Hubble (travel) bubble, toil and trouble…

(Travel) Bridge over troubled waters..

Balls of confusion…people moving on, people moving in…that’s what the world is today…

No, not riots and curfews in the USA after another police killing of a black man.

Just where Jamaica’s travel policies are for a removal of restrictions on arrivals to the island.

The people say “I don’t want to wait in vain”