Sharing nature’s beauty-week 15/1: Enjoying the Blue Mountains

My family decided that they would trade ‘cabin fever’ in Jack’s Hill for a cabin in the Blue Mountains, and headed up on Friday afternoon. I stayed in town. However, I joined them at breakfast time (about 9am) this morning. I brought sunshine with me, but rain had beaten us overnight. The air north of Newcastle is fresh and the views, near and far, are SPECTACULAR. Whatever may be our concerns for COVID19, this allows some respite in mood. We watched church services from The Bahamas on line and are now practising #SocialDistancing, with each person in their own chair, a good 1 metre apart. It’s nice to have this just one hour from home and for that we are totally grateful.

View of Kingston from Blue Mountains

Princess flower

Madonna lily

Peach tree

Crimson bottlebrush

Coffee plant

Fuschia magellanica

Cuban zephyr lily

Author: Dennis G Jones (aka 'The Grasshopper')

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