This week’s images make me more excited because I have, at last, discovered a free plant identifier app, PlantNet, that seems to work well. So, now I can offer a little more insight into what I see. Plants are fascinating because of how they have developed for purposes fitting to their lives, sometimes facilitated by other living things–mainly animals and humans. It’s often hard for humans to discern the purposes without a lot of time spent observing what the plant does and how it functions in its natural habits, as host, food, shelter etc. So, enjoy a few intriguing plants, whose designs should make you ponder their purpose.
Heliconia (Macaw plant)
Caryota mitis (Burmese fishtail palm)
Breadfruit limb and leaves, fallen somehow, maybe wind
Custard apple
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Lindau (Brazilian red cloak)