Writers are often advised to write what matters to them. But, sometimes you don’t write because dealing with the matters in words doesn’t seem so productive. However, things that matter are all around, and to use another cliché, a picture says a thousand words. So, here are a few thousand words.

I drive past this squatter community just outside Kingston several times a month but often cannot get a picture as I’m behind the wheel. This weekend, I was a passenger and our car was stuck in traffic. Voila! It looks near idyllic but is a warren of unmarked lanes and limited access. But, for many it’s home, though it represents one of Jamaica’s perennial social problems.

I rarely see soldiers not acting as guardians, so it was interesting to see a squad out exercising just as I joined friends for golf on Saturday morning. I wasn’t due to play as I’ve back issues. One of my friends is a retired major and he explained how it was necessary to teach the recruits to run and rest with equipment.

Few things catch my attention as the wonders of nature. The mimosa flowers are so fine and delicate and so contrary to most flowers. I remember that there sensitive to touch. Awesome!

International travel is much less fun these days. But it’s sometimes less arduous. I fly through Atlanta last week; it’s a huge airport. My connection time seemed ample till I remembered that the concourses are long and connected by a train. Fortunately, one of the buggy drivers saw me limping and offered to take me to the train link. I love the clean lines of the design of these stations: shiny steel.