The new team is announced. If ‘Cabinet Jamaica’ were a football team what should it have done?

Nothing gets people more excited than what happens in sports, and I say that without reservation to those who want to say that religion has a greater pull. Now, what we’ve seen over many years is that when sports teams start to do badly, calls come fast and furiously to change the manager/coach. Much the same happens in business, where people call for the head of the CEO. But, in politics, when things start to look stale and out of sorts, the call is not always clearly for the head to go, but for the team to be changed. In politics, it’s not agreed that the poor performance of the team of its players are to be laid at the feet of the leader, but for blame and the change in results to come from finding a ‘Messi’ where you had a ‘Giroud’ or swapping a ‘Ver Stegen’ for a ‘Joe Hart’.

For those of you who take note of parallel events, think how Luke Shaw has been under the cosh at ManU. But, then also recall what a great striker Allan Clarke (aka ‘Sniffer’, for his prowess in front of goal, netting nearly a goal every other game) was, coming out of almost-nowhere to take the English First Division by storm, helping to take Leicester City to the top of the league in the early 1960s.

Now, before my British friends start to jump up and spill their fish and chips, about how many have been asking for the head of PM Theresa May to roll since the Brexit things started to go south, or even east and west and north all at once, I’ll say that the Theresa May story is also tempered by calls for some of the heads of the team to roll, maybe even faster.

But, where does this take me, when I look at Jamaica? PM Andrew Holness has just had a minor reshuffle of his Cabinet, and if you were not paying attention you’d not really notice what changed apart from a couple of new faces at the table, and some of the older faces and bodies (if I can be so direct) moving from straight-backed chairs into soft recliners. So, is this ‘change of team’ strategy going to do wonders for ‘Team Jamaica’ or should it have been a case of a Kamikaze-style mea culpa of the PM saying, “Guys and gals, the buck stops here, and the persistent failings that I have noticed in how the team has performed is down to me. I’m getting on my horse to see the GG, right now. So, adios!”?

Well, first, that is not the Jamaican way, which would have at least been preceded by a period of blame-shifting, and some name calling and some attempt to blame the Opposition for playing partisan-politics and poisoning the people against the good things the government has tried to do, but not succeeded so well. But, then again, that would have been a tricky ploy not least because the whole idea of standing on a principle of accountability and transparency was not the Opposition’s idea, but the new government’s own. I wont harp on too much about ‘job descriptions’, ‘performance assessments’, and the clear indications that something measurable would be presented to the people so that they could see for themselves how well or poorly Cabinet minsters were doing. Trouble is, though, such measures are then hard to contest.

Looked at again, in the football sense, you get a man to be top striker, but he keeps scoring in your own goal? Well, that can’t be good. You have people who decide that policies be damned, let black magic work? Well, what is all that? Your main man between the goal posts, who’s there to save at the last moment and also be a hero when things get down to the penalty shoot-out, can’t always be taking a puff on his inhaler or sipping on his water bottle at the key moments. Footballers have a prime and often past that prime, their minds are willing but their bodies are not so ready. You get my drift?

So, my question is really simple. What is the change of Cabinet really meant to indicate?

I look at all the EPL managers who have been under threat or lost their jobs this season. Conte/Chelsea, sitting in the top 4 nearly all season, but the man is under threat? Swansea, Stoke, West Bromwich, Crystal Palace, Everton, West Ham, Southampton and more, struggling to move from the threat of relegation into at least mid-table, all changing managers. One minute, Koeman is the man, then he’s ‘Who, man?’. From GOAT to goat!

ManU spend like crazy but still can’t deal with seeming brilliant leadership of Guardiola at Man City, so Mourihno is under threat. Would it make sense for him to ditch Pogba or de Gea or Fellani? Jose is more likely to walk or be pushed before they all go.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to look at what the other team is doing in your league, just look at what the best in the other leagues in the world do.

Don’t think too hard, though 🙂