Bunting responds to critics about ‘Hayle vs Clarke’

Peter Bunting issued the following statement yesterday concerning reactions to the ‘Hayle vs Clarke’ video:

I find the surprise that the video would have resulted in an ‘orchestrated political response by the JLP’ surprising. What else was likely when raising issues about a candidate before an election? It’s politics!

I’m not persuaded by the explanation, not least because I think the whole intention in making the contrast was to pose a set of false dichotomies, as I noted on Twitter:

It would have made more sense to draw some distinctions that were real. So, much as the MP criticized the Gleaner for selecting only a few sentences–as newspapers usually do–one could criticize the video for its selections of false differences.

But, that’s my opinion. I’m convinced, however, that the ‘Black Royalty’ tag is going to stay for a while (not least behind the hoopla that is flying around because of Black Panther) as a badge of honour to be displayed by or pinned on Jamaicans who have done much to improve themselves. Again, my personal view is that the Opposition has royally messed up the few advantages it has had to do some meaningful opposing of the government and has come across again–unintentionally or not–as a group of grudgeful people, not really in keeping with its name.