As we are less than a week away from Christmas, I’ve been struck by another of those nasty features about Jamaica.

Last week, I attended a forum on the Child Health Initiative, whose theme was that speeding vehicles kill and to keep children safe drivers need to slow down.

But, Jamaica loses five times the number of people through murders than in road casualties–over 1500 to over 300.

Within that total, just over 20 children are killed on the roads, compared to over 50 murdered.

I’ve written before how Jamaica is disturbingly hypocritical in its attitude towards children–shouting to all who listen how much it cares about children, yet serially abusing them everywhere you look.

If an child health initiative is needed it’s not one that focuses on how children are endangered by careless motorists and their own negligence. It’s needed universally, to say that children in Jamaica are in grave danger just being alive on this little island.

Probably, not the message of cheer that many would wish to share, but if you hide from the truth it’ll surely bite you hard.