Let’s not put too much into one set of numbers?

As I intimated in my blog earlier today, if large amounts of security forces are deployed in a ZOSO, fewer must be available elsewhere–unless the supply of police and soldiers magically increases. So, knowing that, criminals will feel they have more room to manoeuver.

Murder figures for the month so far are 54, according to the leader of the Opposition–a higher rate than before, at well over 5 killings a day.

Ironically, the PM made the stipulated ’10 day’ report on the ZOSO, in Parliament this afternoon. Interestingly, in making his conclusions, he stated:

“The Zone of Special Operations is meant to preserve and improve the quality of life in Jamaica’s most vulnerable communities.”

Of course, that’s all fine for those embraced by ZOSO, but not if it’s at the expense of a worsening quality of life elsewhere, which is what the higher murder figures suggest.