Why would my eldest daughter say this after I showed her this plate of temptations? Could it be that everything is better with bacon?

Bacon rolls

If you raise children a certain way, you shouldn’t be surprised how they turn out. “Eat up!” and a diet of nice meals builds an appreciation of food. Duh!

So, two weeks with an argumentative foodie daughter is my reward. What a joy! 👍🏽😊

When we went out, eating and drinking were never far from our minds. 

Pie Gourmet, Fairfax VA

Willard’s BBQ platter

RiRa lamb burger with goat cheese and onions, Georgetown, Washington DC

But, life has consequences and calories do count, just not yet. 

I’ve traded Jamaican warmth and sunshine for European attempts at constant sunshine with intermittent rain. ​

But, life goes on and bodies need sustenance. 

I like to try local things, so fish and chips will wait, while I try some Texas BBQ. A pint of Fuller’s will wait, while I taste some craft brews.

Ale sampler, Delirium restaurant, Leesburg VA


Was I joking when I said “Try a whale burger!”? Oh, my youngest didn’t believe me but believed her mother on this? Gweh! 😂Will we have to reach Lapland to try one? Well, there’s a road we can take. 

Who will pay and when will the price be paid for a ‘calories don’t count’ vacation? Not me and not today, I hope. 

I hear seagulls cawing, so no food is out at sea; inland they come. They’re not on vacation and calories do count. 👍🏽