Lively at 7: TV ‘life’ seen from in front of the lens

For my sins–which are not that many, for a boy :)–I’ve had the immense pleasure of giving my views on live TV three times, recently, as a panelist on CVMTV”s ‘Live at 7: The World This Week’. A friend quipped “You’re a regular!” I said “Let’s see if I’m still there at Christmas.”

My most recent contribution was last Friday, and the full video is here (note that it seems to work well/better using Google Chrome).

The shows I’ve been on have had lots of lively discussion about a wide range of topics that have passed as news during the preceding week, and this one was no different–flooding in Jamaica and how it exposes years of poor investment and maintenance; spending J$190 million on new municipal buildings in Portmore; ‘romphims’ (the less said, the better IMO :); POTUS45 and his latest woes–independent prosecutor and cozying up to the Saudis. What has been quite revealing is that, though the panelists are all people with strong views, and the host, Simon Crosskill, is very strong in his views–and it’s his show–the tempers never seem to get raw or vicious on screen, and also not immediately afterwards. I can report gladly that there have not been any fights in the car park, afterwards. In fact, I’ve been graciously taken home by my lady co-panelists, while my car was out of service. We laugh a lot off-camera, which is much better than trading barbs.

My contributions have been sought because I tend to have a lot to say and write on Twitter and on my blog. I’m glad that both have found resonance, because I’ve often explained that my purpose is to: offer insights based on my professional knowledge and lots of international experience; offer an independent point of view (politically, I’m no party member, anywhere, and have never been); not be swayed by what seem to be popular sentiment; attack issues notindividuals. If that resonates, power to me; if not, then go and explore other views.

I’ve been playing recently with my own ‘televisuals’ with Facebook live, which unintentionally turned out to be good training. But, being live in front of an audience of (thousands, at least, I’d hope), LIVE, is not that simple. But, credit to Simon, who’s style is very straight-forward, never afraid of calling a spade a spade.

So far, I’ve been grouped with Sherene Golding-Campbell (attorney) and Clyde Williams (attorney, university. lecturer/tutor); Shelly-Ann Curran. (Marketing/PR consultant) and Robert Morgan (Director of Communications and Public Affairs – ‎Office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica); Sherene Golding-Campbell and Damion Crawford (ex-MP, PNP activist, university lecturer, liquid eggs entrepreneur).

While we may not all know each other personally (some do), that doesn’t seem to affect the interactions. Some of us have interacted a lot, without ever meeting before (eg, myself and Clyde Williams, who introduced himself by stating that he knew I’d been socialized abroad ‘because you run up to the wicket differently’. Nice imagery 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.56.30 AM
Simon Crosskill, Sherene Golding-Campbell, Damion Crawford, me
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.00.25 AM

What has been good is to get a little better insight into how we each think. For instance, I love that Damion Crawford often seems to come from ‘left field’, yet he’s at once radical in his thinking but also quite conventional in his attitudes (I mean that as an observation, not a critique 🙂 ) Should he make his life outside politics? Let’s see how his liquid egg exports go. If and when he becomes a plutocrat, let’s see where he stands.

Clyde Williams and I found we shared a passion for urban farming/gardening, and that now flavours our interactions as much as current affairs. 

This being Jamaica, we often find we are less than six degrees of separation away from each other. One of our region’s blessings is that feeling of closeness that comes out of the blue in simple interactions. But…

This is but a brief insight: what goes on in TV studios stays in those studios, unless it’s posted on social media 🙂

Robert Nesta Morgan not missing a good selfie moment
The world is not level: make-up for a lady takes 15 minutes…
Make-up for a man takes…2 minutes 🙂