Some funny things happened on the way to Jamaica 

I’m pinching myself. Yes. I still have feelings. I was in transit through Miami International Airport, and about to head from terminal D to E, via Sky Train. As I was getting off the escalator for the platform, I saw what we don’t want to see in these days of heightened security: an unattended suitcase. A train had just left and the platform was empty…except for the suitcase. I looked around to check whether someone was somewhere on the platform. NOBODY! I looked for the emergency phone. There would be one, right? I found it in the corner, a little hidden. I dialed. When someone answered, I gave details briefly. “We’ll send someone over.” Good!

A train came and I and the few other passengers got on. I looked anxiously at the lonely suitcase. ‘Please don’t explode!’ I said in my head. I could sense my heart racing as the train passed the suitcase. ‘Please!’ We moved onto the next stations and I got off to head to terminal E.

I heard no sirens. I saw no security staff running. I heard no announcement that the airport was being locked down. We seemed safe.

I had also sent a message to the authorities at MIA via Twitter; they were, as usual, quick with a response. 

This is not what I think it is?

I’ve had sore ankles for a while and was feeling some pain as I headed to my gate. Then, I saw an electric cart, with one lady passenger. “Could I get a ride?” I asked the driver. He looked at me, as I stood slightly haltingly. “Jump on!” The lady said something in Haitian Creole. I took my cue and said something in French: we were now connected. It was a lovely for-once-in-my-life moment.