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Today, we have the good grace to be looking at the back of Matthew, a hurricane that kept us waiting, forced us to clean up or act, exposed the stubbornness of some, and tested the organizational and communications skills of our government and its support services in the area of disaster preparedness. I think they can take high marks for doing many things with clarity and decisiveness, and also a certain willingness to face up the some clear weaknesses in how our local and national lives are lived. I noted that Jamaica needs many conversations about social responsibility & how just doing ‘what’s good for me’ is not community spirited. Our national motto is ‘Out of many, one people’, but you would be naive to believe that ours is a unified country. I’m not going to talk about political tribalism, but just the fact that during the midst of a time when the nation was supposed to be focused on our collective survival against an act of nature, we had robberies and murders still going on. That disconnection is not trivial. 

I am grateful that all I may need to do today is put my home back in order, not clearing away damage and helping others do same.

We were barely tested by the hurricane, but the heavy shower we had on Saturday showed many public service weaknesses that MUST be addressed quickly AND consistently.

Let me leave the serious stuff there.

Yesterday, however, we saw what diversion means in the age of social media. We know that people share jokes online, and take friendly jabs at each other. But, it’s rare to have a game going on, online. Yesterday, one of our media celebrities tried that, successfully, I think. It was a kind of ABC game.

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Many people got in it, and it kept them amused for a good while.

The other thing I noticed, again, is how women were taking a swipe at this hapless ‘guy’. I think the comments all speak for themselves. Jamaican women, including the Leader of the Opposition, had varying views about whether (Hurricane) Matthew could hold their interest, or hold up in any way at all.

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