The long, slow wait for Godot Matthew is trying the patience of Jamaicans. Never ones to just stand and wait, rather than stay at home doing little and then arriving ‘fashionably late’, Jamaicans are already at their wits ends. But, as Matthew is taking on a very Jamaican characteristic…of ‘Mr. Soon Come’, dinner plans look a bit shaky. Many have already eaten all of their hurricane supplies 🙂 Admitted, those lovely snacks are hard to resist, but as I suggested to a friend, the best thing to do is to hide them or put them in hard-to-reach places, as a parent would to thwart a child. Discipline in these situations goes easily. You’ve been warned!

But, for all the maps and radar projections, Jamaicans are asking ‘Where is Matthew, really?’ I quipped (with due respect to a recently finished court case):


I’m not yet stir-crazy, but I did take an early morning walk to see the lie of the land. I’ve written a lot and tried to learn new ways to organize my photographs.

Rain has come and gone at regular intervals, sometimes a little hard, but mainly a steady drizzle, as now. Good, soaking rain and easier for the land to absorb.

Some people have ventured out, not least to check on their businesses or because they are working at getting the rest of us organized for the storm. In their movements, however, they’ve noticed that some signs of normal life still exist. Imagine! A fast food chain is open. Well, people have to eat and some can’t or won’t cook, so out comes the bill fold and down goes the popcorn chicken and biscuit. Some thought it right to moralize about whether people should be out trying to survive in this traditional way, rather than sucking it up by fasting. OKAY!

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-1-13-37-pm But, the inventiveness of Jamaicans is having a field day in these times, as the national sport of ‘taking serious things to make jokes’ gets into its pre-World Championship phase.

My daughter just shared with me this wonderful image of the idea hurricane food life-saver: dumplin’ & mackerel mix. You need to be a true Jamaican to appreciate this. 🙂 If LASCO have not yet started the plant to work on this must-have product, then I’m sure that inventive Asian entrepreneurs will soon be knocking on our doors: mark my words, or is that CHEC who’s knocking?

In the spirit of community levity, I hope your ‘Matthew Monday’ is going swimmingly…well, maybe not that wet, but you get my drift. 🙂