While Jamaicans wait for Hurricane Matthew, the wait has led some to ponder the nature of mankind; in reality, the nature of men.

Some (women, mainly) have been quick to label Matthew as they do many hapless men. As the storm system meandered, a lady friend noticed that Matthew was unwilling to take advice on what direction to take, posting the following on Facebook, on Sunday morning:screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-31-54-am

I’m not one to take such barbs lightly, and pointed out that much psychological analysis has gone into why men seem to resist seeking instructions…and why women seem to have difficulty reading maps. I cited one of my favourite authors on the topic of gender differences in thinking, Professor of Linguistics, Deborah Tannen, of Georgetown University.screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-34-48-am

I also pointed out that I had a recent experience with a woman, who after I had given instructions on how to get to my house, asked so many other people how to get there that she got completely lost! We’d talked about why she’d not come back to me, after I’d sent a map, and she admitted she did not want to bother me. What more bother could there be, after I had done what I had. Ah, women!

But, I also noticed that Matthew had a disturbing resemblance to an American political celebrityscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-35-06-am He was ‘trumpeting’ himself, but delivering very few of his promises. Could the people be caught out as being gullible, again?

With that personality in mind, some have wondered if Matthew is bipolar.

Last night, after a day spent largely hanging around, lowering his pressure in (milli)bars, Matthew decided he was going to move. But, he was still moving around like a drunken sailor during the night. screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-51-18-amWas that heavy dose of rain in the *wee* hours, his taking relief? That would be quite in keeping with the area through which he was wandering.

But, Matthew is moving so slowly he’s giving old codgers a bad name. C’mon, man! Get a move on!