I became a father…in my 30s: a beautiful girl, not yet in her 30s, is the proof. Born in the shadows of Arsenal, grown in the shadow of Spurs 🙂 

Bruce Castle, Tottenham

I went to the World Cup Final, in Mexico, in 1986. Diego! Sitting in a palco behind the goal where all the action happened. 🙂 Bitter-sweet victory for Argentina, after the hand of ‘god’ stole a match from England. 

I went to work in the USA…in my 30s: trading The Thames for The Potomac River;  countless air travel and interesting passport stamps followed.

I went to Africa, again…in my 30s: Entebbe airport–the black man works for the IMF 😳Kampala, streets with traffic lights that didn’t work, but places where one could get a haircut: Mama Africa, where are you?

I went to Russia…in my 30s: Moscow’s frozen streets, vodka, The Kremlin, and a first McDonald’s restaurant, opened January 30, 1990.

That’s plenty for a decade, I think.