I went downtown this morning to take the next step in my efforts to get a police record–that is, short of committing a crime. I started a bit confused as I left my bag and papers at school, where I’d had a meeting for parents. I had just reached DUke Street when I got a message asking me if I’d left my bag. So, round trip back to school to get it from my good friend. Bless, her. Then, back to downtown again.

On my first trip, I had bumped into a lady parking attendant, on the corned of East and Duke Streets. As I asked her which way to number 34, she muttered: “I likkle girl jook out anodda one eye…” sas she stood outside St Aloyouisus School. We exchanged words about life decades ago. “Where are you from?” I told her right here in downtown: “But you did live in a Inglan,” she added. Guilty.Sh asked where I’d parked and she said she was going my way. I then realized I had left some papers in the car, and wheeled. I decided to take her advice and try for parking closer to number 34. As I came from my new location, I bumped into her again. We exchanged smiles. 

As I walked on, I noted little attempts at elegance: pots of plants on the sidewalk. A gesture in the right way. 

Pretty little plant pots

I also saw familiar sights of downtown hustle; fruit peelings, tidily in a box. 

Hustle, hustle, hustle…

When I got to the front desk, I was asked my business, then asked for supporting pictures, and if I had other required forms of ID. I did. I went to sit and complete my form. It was relatively straight-forward, save for asking me about my complexion: I had no idea what to put, and left it blank. I didn’t seem to matter. Minutes later, form completed, I was called. Finger prints were taken, and my pictures attached. I then went to join 20-odd people waiting in another room at Technical Division of JCF, 34 North St. My receipt from Tax Administration Jamaica and passport were checked, and I was told to come back in a week’s time. 

I had entered at 9.50, and was out by 10am. I was stunned. Someone had said it would take a while. I was seen third of the people in the room. Thanks for my process being that simple. 

Give TSD of the JCF and A+. 🙂

A decent number of people waiting, patiently to be called