Our little baby has taken another step in her growth, as she turns 13 today. I remember as if it were yesterday the day when she was born. 🙂

Anyway, no time for sentimentality! 

She wants more responsibility, so I gave her the bill for my radiator repair, which should take a heft chunk out of her savings. I explained to her what a line of credit is, over breakfast of pastries, bought from a swish new store in Kingston. (We’re taken by the fact that it seems to operate 24/7, and the owners and staff are very friendly–I enjoyed my free brioche while we waited to pay :)) 
She was sort of not truly delighted as this mixed blessing. She’d wanted ice cream last night to celebrate her last night as a 12 year old, but the store was already closed after her mother and I had been eating with some of Mummy’s colleagues from Washington. So, pastries it was. I’m not sure if I should have them, but another sacrifice for a child is chalked up. 

Anyway, she will enjoy her day, with or without a surprise flouring. 

Bless you, dear child!